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Counselors for Anxiety, PTSD, Substance Abuse in American Fork, UT

Seeking anger management therapy, abuse counseling, or therapy for depression means making yourself vulnerable and we respect the trust you put in us as your mental health resource. Mt Grove Counseling is here to support your search. The work we do is broad and can be categorized in so many ways. Here's what it really comes down to, though:
We want to help as many people as possible live happier, fuller, safer lives through therapy. 
Based in American Fork, Utah we also serve many people from Orem, Pleasant Grove, Provo, and the surrounding areas.

What therapy looks like, what kind of counselor fits the situation, or how intensive that therapy needs to be depends on you--our client--and we want nothing more than to help you be comfortable and successful in therapy. We do offer telehealth counseling (telecounseling) when it's effective for your reasons for and types of counseling
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Personal Therapy, Anxiety, Depression Counseling

Individual therapy is a useful mental health tool in so many cases. We commonly address issues like substance abuse, depression, and anxiety, with counseling methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and more.

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Addiction, PTSD, Trauma Recovery Counseling

Having a safe, healthy way to process the most difficult parts of our lives can improve overall mental health, relationship stability, and much more. If we didn't believe this, we wouldn't do what we do. Instead, we offer sliding scale fees to improve access to trauma therapy.



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Wherever you find yourself right now, there are likely things about yourself or your circumstances that you would like to improve on. Sometimes, those concerns are best addressed by walking through them with an objective third party. We won’t judge you or point out all your faults. Our counselors and therapists work with you to develop new emotional strengths, coping skills, and other perspectives that can help you get where you'd like to go.

Whether you're coming to us because you've recognized a need for family or personal counseling, or you have discovered you are ready to confront an addiction or trauma, Mt. Grove Counseling is here. Please call us at (801)404-0063 or Contact Us to arrange for a consultation today. Our office is ready and responsive
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Couples, Family, and Marriage Counseling

While individual therapy can be key to a person's well-being and also extend into healthier family and couple relationships, sometimes adding couples or family therapy can move you and your loved ones toward more complete healing and happiness.


One of our clients, E.K., volunteered the following feedback

"I enjoyed the way the treatment challenged me to think outside the box. I enjoyed the counselors. [...] I feel like I grew a lot from the program. I liked how we had a weekly goal to check in every week. It helped us with bonding and getting to know each other."

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