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Individual and Family Addiction Recovery Counseling in Pleasant Grove, UT

Addiction is an unhealthy, compulsive response to brain chemistry that is always looking for a bump of dopamine to make life feel normal or manageable. Understandably, different people find that bump in different kinds of addiction, but regardless of the type, addiction damages healthy family relationships, employment, and has infinite unintended consequences. 

Therapy and support make getting and staying sober attainable and sustainable, which is why Mt Grove Counseling
employs addiction recovery counselors for individual and family therapy.
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Relapse Prevention Planning and Counseling Modalities for Addictions

Starting in the earliest stages of addiction recovery, having a plan for possible relapse is essential. Relapse Prevention Planning is a therapy modality (a type of counseling) that guides people to establish a plan when they face temptation to relapse in their addiction. If there is a plan in place, it is significantly easier to access the plan in the moment of temptation than it is to try to create a plan from scratch in a time of crisis.
Your plan could include:
  • Calling a trusted friend or family member for support.
  • Scheduling additional therapy sessions.
  • Going to a specific location where you know your temptation will be removed, like a church or somewhere public.

This therapy has flexibility for the therapist and the client to brainstorm possible solutions together.

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