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Mental Health, Addiction, and Trauma Counseling Services in Pleasant Grove, UT

Why Should I Go To A Local, Licensed Therapist? 
There are a couple of counseling myths still alive today. While trauma is a significant reason to see a counselor, it is certainly not the only one. Problems don't need to reach a certain level of importance to be "worth a counselor's time." If you have a concern that is draining your life--from social anxiety to relationships --therapists are trained and ready to listen, and then to help you identify and meet goals based on the things that are important to you.

Mt Grove Counseling was built to help individuals and families achieve the emotional stability they need to move forward in life, confidently and joyfully. You should go to a counselor if you feel like an objective, unbiased ear could help--with anything from getting and staying sober to setting family goals.

Please note that we offer telehealth counseling (telecounseling) when it's effective for your reasons for and types of counseling.

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Personal and Family Counseling Services from Local Counselors

Some of the topics or diagnoses we readily help with at Mt Grove Counseling:
Counseling is an intensely personal process, so we understand that we can't possibly list every reason someone would benefit from seeing a therapist. Please call us at (801) 404-0064 to request an assessment if you'd like to learn more about how Mt Grove Counseling can help.
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Types of Counseling and Therapy Modalities

Therapy modalities are types of counseling, or essentially, multiple approaches to a problem. For example: two people manifest signs of depression. After being assessed and meeting with therapists, one client might find EMDR therapy for OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) helpful because their poorly managed OCD was causing depression. Another might find CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for depression to be more helpful. Both clients are approaching depression. Mt Grove Counseling can help identify the right combination of modalities with each client. 

These types of therapy include the following. Click the links for descriptions and uses for each modality.
We are transparent about our counseling services because we want each of our clients and potential clients to know how much we've studied, trained, and--most importantly--helped people with so many combinations of conditions and types of therapy so that we are prepared to help you and your family in your circumstances. Please call Mt Grove Counseling at (801) 404-0064 or Contact Us to arrange for an assessment today. We are ready to serve clients in Pleasant Grove, Orem, American Fork, Provo, Cedar Hills, Springville, and more.

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